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Welcome to Lao-Agric-College, a platform to assess information related to the “Strategy for Reform in the Agriculture and Forestry Colleges towards 2020” in Lao PDR.

There are five agricultural colleges operational in Laos under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, who are the main providers of qualified trained staff for the agricultural sector:

  1. Northern Agriculture and Forestry College, Pak Seuang, Luang Prabang Province
  2. Thangone Irrigation College, Thangone, Vientiane Capital City
  3. Bolikhamxay Agriculture and Forestry College, Meuang Mai, Bolikhamxay Province
  4. Savannakhet Agriculture and Forestry College, Na Kae, Savannakhet Province
  5. Champasak Agriculture and Forestry College, KM7 Pakse, Champasak Province

A major role in the strategic development - to enhance market-based farming, reduce disparities between lowland and sloping land and enforcement of sustainable forest and watershed management practices - is given to the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College (NAFC), which focuses on upland development.

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has opted to assist this reform process by establishing SURAFCO, a project on the “Support to the Reform of the Luang Prabang Agriculture and Forestry College” (SURAFCO).

SURAFCO is implemented by the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College (NAFC) with the support of HELVETAS, the Swiss Association for International Cooperation. Assistance in curriculum development is provided by SCA, the Swiss College of Agriculture and in infrastructure development by SKAT, the Swiss Resource Centre and Consultancies for Development.


Latest news


Interested to support a poor student?


Poor students from remote areas face the problem that they cannot afford to enroll in the education at the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College, even the overall costs are not too high – they amount to about 2.225 US$ for a full 3 years high-diploma course. Thus the NAFC is looking for support from private persons, companies, donors or projects to provide scholarships to those vulnerable students.

NAFC has set up a selection scheme based on criteria for gender, family situation, poverty, motivation and social competency. If you are willing to support a student, please read more in the attached document and contact us for more detailed information.


Inauguration Ceremony of constructions at NAFC

Click for more photosSURAFCO-News-2011-26-Ceremony-2SURAFCO-News-2011-26-Ceremony-3SURAFCO-News-2011-26-Ceremony-4SURAFCO-News-2011-26-Ceremony-5SURAFCO-News-2011-26-Ceremony-6SURAFCO-News-2011-26-Ceremony-7SURAFCO-News-2011-26-Ceremony-8SURAFCO-News-2011-26-Ceremony-9SURAFCO-News-2011-26-Ceremony-10SURAFCO-News-2011-26-Ceremony-11

On 17th September 2011 a big inauguration ceremony of the infrastructure development at the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College took place. High-ranking participants, like the H.E. Vilayvanh Phomke, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, H.E Christoph Burgener, Swiss Ambassador to Lao PDR and H.E. Dr. Khampheng Xaysompheng, Governor of Luang Prabang Province joined the ceremony. The overall costs of construction related activities provided by the Swiss Government so far amount to 1.527.853 CHF, respectively 1.655.312 US $ and was used for the establishment of 1 Classroom building, 1 Laboratory, 2 Dormitories, 1 Canteen, 2 Kitchen houses, 1 guardhouse, 8 farmhouses, 3 farm units, a sports-compound, a new electricity system, a new water supply system, a Decentralized Water Treatment System (DEWATS) and a water purification unit.

All those infrastructure-improvements will contribute to set up the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College to become the center of excellence for upland agricultural development by interlinking the infrastructure measures with the establishment of a new skills-based curriculum, a modern management system and related capacity building.


Management Concepts and Posters for NAFC Farms

Click for more picturesSURAFCO-News-2011-25-Posters-2SURAFCO-News-2011-25-Posters-3SURAFCO-News-2011-25-Posters-4SURAFCO-News-2011-25-Posters-5 SURAFCO-News-2011-25-Posters-6SURAFCO-News-2011-25-Posters-7SURAFCO-News-2011-25-Posters-8SURAFCO-News-2011-25-Posters-9SURAFCO-News-2011-25-Posters-10SURAFCO-News-2011-25-Posters-11SURAFCO-News-2011-25-Posters-12SURAFCO-News-2011-25-Posters-13SURAFCO-News-2011-25-Posters-14SURAFCO-News-2011-25-Posters-15SURAFCO-News-2011-25-Posters-16SURAFCO-News-2011-25-Posters-17

Between May and August all NAFC teachers worked on the establishment of farm management concepts. Those concepts will help to improve the farm operations which focus on a) teaching and production, b) income generation and c) research. SURAFCO launched a related operational revolving fund for each of the 20 farms and activities and further supported the purchase of related farm equipment.
As a first step to develop educational material for applied teaching, posters for each farm has been developed to introduce the objective of the farm and related main farm activities.


Development of a Maintenance Strategy and Manual

Click for more photosSURAFCO-News-2011-24-Strategy-2SURAFCO-News-2011-24-Strategy-3SURAFCO-News-2011-24-Strategy-4SURAFCO-News-2011-24-Strategy-5

During July and August 2011 a maintenance-strategy for effectively operating infrastructure and equipment has been finalized and a related maintenance manual has been developed. The strategy includes the establishment of a technical and maintenance operation team, the development of related task, the preparation of a maintenance operation budget and the preparation of an inventory of all college infrastructure, equipment and assets.
Technical training on operations in waste water treatment, electrical applicants, water purification, IT security, alarm-systems for solar panels, GPS and mapping have been conducted.


10th Curriculum Development Workshop

Click for more photosSURAFCO-News-2011-23-Workshop-2SURAFCO-News-2011-23-Workshop-3

From 22 to 31 August 2011 the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College organized the 10th workshop on Curriculum Development. Mr. Thongsamouth Phoummasone, Deputy Director of the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College opened the training. The Chief Technical Advisor of SURAFCO, Experts for curriculum development from the Swiss College for Agriculture and all teachers from NAFC participated. The objectives of the meeting concentrated on teaching material development and the planning of the academic year 2011-2012. Three days have been dedicated to improve the management of the college. The director of the Swiss College for Agriculture, Dr. Alfred Buess, visited the college especially for this input and provided valuable inputs.


Ministry of Education-NGO National Forum for Education

Click for more photosSURAFCO-News-2011-22-Forum-2SURAFCO-News-2011-22-Forum-3SURAFCO-News-2011-22-Forum-4

On 8th August 2011 the Ministry of Education and related INGOs organized a National Forum for Education at the ICTC in Vientiane Capital. The meeting focused on exchanging experiences among related stakeholders for improving education strategies in formal, non-formal and vocational training. An exhibition from all organizations and projects outside the meeting hall informed on activities and approaches done so far.


Defending final thesis of 3rd year students

Click for more photosSURAFCO-News-2011-21-Thesis-2SURAFCO-News-2011-21-Thesis-3

Between 1st and 5th August the defense of the final thesis took place for the third year students of batch 20. The opening meeting took place on 1st August with the opening remarks provided by Mr. Somphong Pradichith, the Head of Luang Prabang Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Office. A lot of representatives from another organizations, from the various northern Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Offices as well as all students and teachers participated.


MoU with TUAF, Vietnam

Click for more photosSURAFCO-News-2011-20-MoU-2SURAFCO-News-2011-20-MoU-3SURAFCO-News-2011-20-MoU-4SURAFCO-News-2011-20-MoU-5SURAFCO-News-2011-20-MoU-6

Between 26th and 30th June 2011 the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College visited Vietnam to sign a Memory of Understanding (MoU) with the Thai Nguyen University of Agriculture and Forestry. The focus of the MoU concentrates on setting up a cooperation, which creates mutual benefits for both institutions. The activities include teachers’ capacity building on short and long term base, joint research, information exchange and vis-versa study tours.


Assessment on NAFC”s working performance


On Monday 20th June 2011 the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College organized a review meeting with all divisions and units to discuss the progress of the last months. Achievements, short comings and improvements have been discussed and agreed.


Meeting for discussion between NAFC and ACIAR Project


In the morning of 15th June 2011 the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College organized a meeting to discuss the further cooperation between the college and the ACIAR project. The preparation and content development of a Memorandum of Understanding was part of the meeting.


International Children’s Day and National Planting’s Day

SURAFCO-News-2011-17-Childrens_day-1Click for more photosSURAFCO-News-2011-17-Childrens_day-2SURAFCO-News-2011-17-Childrens_day-3SURAFCO-News-2011-17-Childrens_day-4

On the 1st June 2011 Laos celebrated the International Children’s Day and the National Planting Day. The Northern Agriculture and Forestry College organized a cermony to celebrate this important day. All staffs, teachers and students participated in planting trees and ornamental flowers at the college campus. The planting activitites were combined with awareness raising on environmental protection and climate change.


Cassava Training for farmers

SURAFCO-News-2011-16-Cassava-1Click for more photosSURAFCO-News-2011-16-Cassava-2SURAFCO-News-2011-16-Cassava-3SURAFCO-News-2011-16-Cassava-4

From 27th to 28th April the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College organized a training on cassava planting techniques for farmers from Phonesay district and Pakseng district. The objective was to provide basic background information on cassava and practical demonstrations on planting techniques to the farmers.


Meeting with CIAT and Nippon Foundation


On the 26th May a meeting was organized with representatives from the Nippon Foundation, CIAT, Zamorano University and the staff of the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College. At present three Zamorano students conduct their practical year at the NAFC. The meeting was launched to coach the students’ work and discuss future collaboration.


Study tour to Switzerland

SURAFCO-News-2011-14-Studytour-1Click for more photosSURAFCO-News-2011-14-Studytour-2SURAFCO-News-2011-14-Studytour-3SURAFCO-News-2011-14-Studytour-4SURAFCO-News-2011-14-Studytour-5SURAFCO-News-2011-14-Studytour-6SURAFCO-News-2011-14-Studytour-7SURAFCO-News-2011-14-Studytour-8SURAFCO-News-2011-14-Studytour-9SURAFCO-News-2011-14-Studytour-10SURAFCO-News-2011-14-Studytour-11

Between the 9th – 21st of May 2011 the leadership’s team from the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College conducted a study tour to Switzerland for exchanging knowledge about agricultural education, teaching and learning methodology, applied practice in learning and farm management. The Lao team had the chance to visit all Swiss collaborators, like HELVETAS Swiss Intercooperation, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the Swiss College for Agriculture (SCA), the Swiss Resources Center for Consultancies (SKAT) and many other agriculture and vocational schools as well as private companies and producer groups.


Sports match with the Military department

Click for more photosSURAFCO-News-2011-13-Sport-Military-2SURAFCO-News-2011-13-Sport-Military-3

On the 5th of May 2011 a sport contest between Northern Agriculture and Forestry College and the military department of the Luang Prabang province took place in the newly established college stadium. The football competition ended with an equal score 1-1 and the volleyball competition was a win for the military team scoring 2-1.


Sports match for students at NAFC

Click for more photosSURAFCO-News-2011-12-Sport-Students-2SURAFCO-News-2011-12-Sport-Students-3SURAFCO-News-2011-12-Sport-Students-4

From 25th April to 3rd May 2011 a sport contest for students took place in the Northern Agriculture and Forestry College in the disciplines of football and volleyball. In football the male team of the first year 1A and the female team of Year two 2B were the winners. In the volleyball competition both the female and male team of class 2A got the best scores. Those sport competitions help to increase the student’s motivation and create a special team spirit among the students. This event took place on the newly established sport facilities on the college compound.


Handing over Ceremony of main constructions at NAFC

The companies present a big key to the project - as a sign for having finalised the buildings
Click for more photosSigning the handing over documents with the companiesSchool final arrangementsDuring Handing over ceremony

In the afternoon of the 8th April 2011 a big Handing Over Ceremony for the main construction buildings took place. Involved were 5 different companies, 4 from Luang Prabang and one from Vientiane, who constructed in total two dormitories, a canteen, a guard house, a school building, a laboratory, eight farm houses, a sports compound, internal roads, a water purification system and a new electricity and water supply system. The total support of all those infrastructure improvements financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation amount to about 1.300.000 US $.


3rd Steering Committee Meting of SURAFCO

Group Photo during the 3rd Steeering Commitee Meeting of SURAFCO
Click for more photosPresentation and discussion during the 3rd Steering Committee MeetingPresenting the past activitites on information boards

On April 8th the third steering committee meeting of SURAFCO took place at the NAFC. Next to the 6 months report and the next 6 months planning, the financial report for the calendar year 2010 has been approved. Further issues discussed include the maintenance operations of the buildings, additional staff requirements and improved enrolment of female and remote area students.

Related documents can be assessed in the section Steering Committee Meetings.

More news about the Lao Agriculture and Forestry Colleges and the SURAFCO project can be found in the news archive.